Clean and modern Spring Wedding Inspirations by Fine Moments and Melanie Nedelko

Clean and modern Spring Wedding Inspirations by Fine Moments and Melanie Nedelko


Clean and modern spring wedding inspirations


Minimalism – a form of art, of architecture, the satoriof design. In short: a creative oasis of simple beauty created by the event stylist Jana Stanzing von Fine Moments. And thus, fertile ground for inspiration for modern brides searching for a new way of awarding their wedding a personal touch.

It is safe to assume that the bride’s look receives a great deal of attention on a day like this.So why not make your mark and surprise with something unexpected?Simple and comfortable instead of eloquent and princess-like – these bridal top-skirt combinations of Cortana are infinitely variable and offer the greatest possible freedom for expressing your personality.

What the dress does on the wedding day, is what the paper goods do months in advance: they make a lasting impression. Handcrafted and lettered by Eliv Rosenkranz, they allow the guests to guess at the grandiose interplay of art and aesthetics that awaits them.

A gift for the guests that corresponds to the colour palette and includes a name tag in the style of the paper goods finally meets the high expectations with which they have arrived at this wedding – and rightly so.

Similarly innovative paths are taken when it comes to the floral design of Hana Holdener von Ponk Rentals, which does not break out of the minimalist framework despite its untamed appearance.The same goes for the delicious cake of Das Tortenstudio that demonstrates its uniqueness with its structure and size.

Less is more then, when compounded into a harmonious whole by experienced hands and captured by a fine art photo artist like Melanie Nedelko in a breathtaking world of images.




PHOTOGRAPHER Melanie Nedelko Photography
CREATIVE DIRECTION & DESIGN Jana Stanzing – Fine Moments
STATIONERY Eliv Rosenkranz
FLORALS + DESIGN Hana Holdener – Ponk Rentals
DRESSES Cortana by Feinstens
JEWELLERY:  Hian Jewellery
MAKE-UP + HAIR Make Up Artist Angie – Angelika Winkelbauer
CAKE Das Tortenstudio – Andrea Kargl
CUTLERY The Kitchen
LOCATION Fotostudio „im Rahmen“ 
MODEL Esther, Tempo Models

An Ode to Minimalism by Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi

An Ode to Minimalism by Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi

AN Ode TO Minimalism


Only a few pictures adorn the bare concrete walls. Black-and-white, for a touch of the dramatic. Seemingly endless, steep stairs lead into nothingness. Simple, for a successful big entrance.

And here comes the first bride, gliding down guided by the handrail. Graciously, she lifts her cream dress from beneath which studded stilettos flash. They continue what begins at her shoulders. An extravagant style initiated by a breath of couture. Narrow streams of fabric artfully caress her upper body, covering up what must be covered, revealing only small glimpses.

A second bride follows the first, approaching the sparse room step by step. Her hair is adorned by a delicate hair piece, simple in the style of minimalism. Her back is beguiling; her neck line high. A playful composition of icy blue lace and flowing tulle envelops her, breathing colour and life into this place.

But then there are also these glowing blossoms in peach, rose and yellow accompanied by green leaves that help her with this task. In the arms of the brides the blossoms are especially beautiful and they are happy to share this splendour. The wedding arch, dinner table, cake and upholstery are decorated in the same tones.

Black accents provide an elegant finish. Light streams of fabric, modern cutlery and graceful calligraphy on a white background. Alongside golden candle holders and shimmering tea lights. Stylish, aesthetical, minimalist in their arrangement.

Always true to the premises of fine art, a fantastic team and the image artist Pia Clodi of Peaches & Mint  impress us with their sense of aesthetics.




PHOTOGRAPHY & CONCEPT Pia Clodi / Peaches & Mint 
DESIGN & STYLING Lovely Weddings / Viktoria Antal
LOCATION Leopold Museum
DRESSES Eva Poleschinski, Michel Mayer
MAKE-UP & HAIR Lisa Matzner & Valerie Voss Contreras / Your Choice Vienna
LASERCUTS Vera Böhnisch / Die Macherei
CAKE Andrea Kargl / Das Tortenstudio
STATIONERY Nicnillas Ink
SILK RIBBONS Seidenband / Tanja Kibogo
MACARONS Macaronmanufaktur
JEWELRY Max Semler
MODELS Veronika N. / Wiener Models and Tamina / Tempo Models



Dream Wedding with Industrial Charm by Melanie Nedelko Fotografie

Dream Wedding with Industrial Charm by Melanie Nedelko Fotografie

Dream Wedding With Industrial Charm


Inspired by old factory buildings, combined with modern, purist and elegant elements Kathrin and Simon celebrated their dream wedding with industrial Charm in the hop soil of the Ottakringer brewery.  

For a long time, the two have a soft spot for bald brick walls, old wooden floorboards and blank steel. No wonder they found the theme for their big day easily. To soften the rather cold and uncomfortable reputation of a factory and to make it a little more wedding-appropriate, they brought delicate colors such as white, pink, sage and gold into play.

The details of the decoration were left to their event designer Stefanie of Mademoiselle Fee, who created a harmonious overall picture with sure instinct and sensitivity. With the help of golden geometric elements, rose quartz and floral elements of Florietta she transformed not only the wedding venue but also “Das Campus” into a small, intimate wedding world where Kathrin and Simon celebrated with their guests until late at night.  

So many laughing faces and even some happy tears let us imagine how entertaining and emotional this day must have been for everyone. Kathrin and Simon especially will always remember the entry of the bride and the lovingly prepared speeches and games of her guests.  

Photographer Melanie Nedelko was allowed to accompany the charming bride and groom all day long to capture all these unique moments. Memories fade with time. Howeer, Kathrin and Simon can always refresh theirs with these amazing shots…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Melanie Nedelko
EVENTDESIGN: Mademoiselle Fee
DEKORATION: Wedding Bazar Vienna
FLORISTIK: Florietta – Conny Hiermann
TORTE: Das Tortenstudio – Andrea Kargl
PAPETERIE: Tintenfuchs
DRUCK: Herzdruck
LOCATION TRAUUNG: Ottakringer Brauerei
KLEID: Sposa Toscana
HAARE: Make-up Artist Angie – Angelika Winkelbauer
MAKE-UP: Kathrin Merjan
EHERINGE: Rosa Marlene Goldschmied
AGAPE: Espresso Mobil









   Melanie Nedelko                     Mademoiselle Fee                  Das Tortenstudio



Ancient Romance with a Today´s Glance by Your Choice and Thomas Steibl Photography

Ancient Romance with a Today´s Glance by Your Choice and Thomas Steibl Photography

Ancient Romance with a Today´s Glance


Pictorial elegance combined with light pink and a whiff of anthracite. Or maybe with the glance of warm ancient gold?

This time we don´t need to decide. This wedding inspiration unites melancholic grace with delicate romance to turn them into a charming love-ensemble of soft colors and glamorous details.

A love story like we know it from old literature, brought to us by the stylist of Your Choice and stunningly captured by Thomas Steibl.

A solitary golden chair holds a veil of transparent tulle and golden bridal shoes ready. Like a pedestal it presents the splendor of opulent flower arrangements of lush greenery and light pink blossoms, the next moment it showcases white accessory for romantic brides.

It serves gently girls all in white with their slim lace dresses, dreamy robes with BoHo-Chic, brilliant princess cut bridal dresses with light pink tulle or loosely falling dresses in anthracite. Strapless or from short to long and transparent sleeves. Romance is multi-faced.

A dreamlike wedding inspiration arranged by Lovely Weddings – delicate, elegant and stripped-down. Only opulent bloomage, hand written stationery and golden details tell of ancient romance and today´s glance.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0001 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0002 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0004 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0005 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0006 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0007 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0008 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0009 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0010 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0011 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0012 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0013 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0014 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0015 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0016 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0017 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0018 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0019 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0020 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0021 brautstyling-hochzeitsblumen-brautkleid-braut-hochzeitstorte-hochzeitspapeterie-hochzeitsideen_0022


FOTOGRAFIE: Thomas Steibl Photography
STYLISTEN: Your Choice
BLUMEN + DEKORATION: Viktoria Antal – Lovely Weddings
KLEIDER + SCHUHE: Heyday Vienna
TORTE: Andrea Kargl – Das Tortenstudio
PAPETERIE: Papierhimmel
SCHMUCK: Johanna Bauer
MODELS: Raphaëlle De Maison Rouge, Rita Radinger, Nina Janacova



hedayvienna-klein5 papierhimmel-kleindastortenstudio-klein







        Heyday Vienna                       Papierhimmel                        Das Tortenstudio


Adorable Inspirations for a Copper Wedding Anniversary from candid moments fotografie

Adorable Inspirations for a Copper Wedding Anniversary from candid moments fotografie



One look from him and she sinks into his arms. A smile from her and his heart skips a beat. Words are not needed, it´s gestures, looks and touches that tell the other everything.

Photographer Silvia Hintermayer of candid moments fotografie and Christine Pleyl of XTINE Papeterie proof impressively that the infamous seventh year of marriage can also be a very beautiful one.

Among Vienna´s venerable Augarten Beatrice and Alexander literally celebrated their copper wedding anniversary. Therefor Stefanie Rausch by Mademoiselle Fée created together with event designer Karin Graf-Kaplaner of Jubeltage a nobly sparkling copper world with everything that comes with that.

From jewelry as well as china and flatware to tea lights and candle holders, even Beatrice´s dreamlike dress and the stunningly cake ablazed with light of today´s gold. Combined with pure white and lush green and red accents of pomegranates and figs she designed this unbelievably graceful ambience.

Not only contributed Christine Pleyl of XTINE Papeterie creative and innovative ideas to realize these fantastic inspirations, she also designed a beautiful set of stationery that was beyond the scope of usual invitation and menu cards.

If you are looking for sparkling ideas or an exciting alternative to a classy golden setting you better don´t miss this glittering world of pictures shot by Silvia Hintermayer of candid moments fotografie.

Text: Marina Jenewein


jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0001 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0002 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0003 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0004 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0004a jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0005 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0006 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0007 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0008 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0009 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0011 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0012 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0013 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0014 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0014a jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0015jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0070 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0017 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0018 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0019 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0020 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0022 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0023 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0024 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0025 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0026 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0026ajahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0034 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0027 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0029 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0030 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0031 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0032 jahrestag-kupferhochzeit_0033

Styled Wedding Shoot “Kupferhochzeit”: Wir zelebrieren unsere Liebe from Santiago Boceta on Vimeo.


FOTOGRAFIE: Silvia Hintermayer, candid moments fotografie
PAPETERIE + KONZEPT: Christine Pleyl, XTINE-Papeterie
DEKORATION: Stefanie Rausch, Mademoiselle Fée
EVENTORGANISATION: Karin Graf-Kaplaner, Jubeltage
FLORALES DESIGN: Blumenstube Christine, Mödling
HOCHZEITSTORTE: Andrea Kargl, Das Tortenstudio
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Julia Mikulitsch
BRAUTKLEID: Brautsalon Flossmann
ANZUG: Licona Wien
EHERINGE + SCHMUCK: Monir Jewellery
LOCATION: Schloss & Restaurant Augarten
PORZELLAN: Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
BESTECK: ASA Selection
KÄSETORTE: Spar Gourmet
VIDEOGRAFIE: Santiago Boceta
MODELS: Maria G. Menzel + Alexander Linhardt
ASSISTENZ: Christin Gotz, Ernst Hintermayer




Fields of Gold and Red

Fields of Gold and Red

Fields of Gold and Red


A plain wooden table peppered with costly arranged golden accents forms an exciting contrast to the unemotional gravel-pit where it becomes a fascinating eye-catcher.

With a lot of of their hearts and souls as well as talent and creativity eventdesigner Viktoria Antal from Lovely Weddings and film-photographer Melanie Nedelko created a breathtaking autumnal atmosphere that enchants with its stylish details.

The beautiful calligraphy from A Creative Affair and the adorable sweet table with delicious maccarons, an amazing cake and wonderfully autumnal fruits send us into transports of delight.

Gracefully the bride floats across the scenery. Her overly happy groom can´t stop looking at her and her elfishly looking dress.

The impressive pictures shot by the great artist Melanie Nedelko take us onto a fantastic journey into the fabulous world of inspirations.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

    autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0001autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0002autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0003autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0004autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0005autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0006autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0028autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0029autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0026autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0023autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0010autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0011autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0012autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0024autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0013autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0014autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0015autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0016autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0017autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0018autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0027autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0025autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0018aautumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0022autumn styled shoot 0040autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0019autumn styled shoot herbstliche inspirationen 0020  

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melanie Nedelko
BRIDE’S DRESS + VEIL: Elfenkleid
BRIDAL SHOES: Valentino by Steffl 6th floor
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Make-up Artist Angie
FLORALS: Timo Bolte
PLATES: Feine Dinge 
CHAIRS: Gomi Rental
MACARONS: Macarooom Vienna
CAKE: Andrea Kargl – Das Tortenstudio
JEWELY: Freystil
GROOM’S SUIT: Lambert Hofer
MODELS: Johanna und Andi
FILM LAB: UK Film Lab  



     Melanie Nedelko                     

Urban Loft Inspiration – filigree and fairytale

Urban Loft Inspiration – filigree and fairytale

Urban Loft Inspiration – filigree and fairytale


It is a fairytale scene, deliberately kept simple. Only the bride in her gorgeous gown, and its alluring open back, a delicate wreath of Jasmine vines and a sea of candles spread over the wooden floor, decorate the room.

For the wedding banquet the stylist Viktoria Antal by Lovely Weddings arranged copper and powder blue, a much too rare color combination,that works as a natural romantic touch, along with the light rose, which is found in the vintage glasses, flows perfectly into its own.

In the bright room, the desired purism is thrust into the spotlight, and photographer Pia Clodi by peaches & mint is able to capture the poetry in pictures. Chains of lights look like twinkling stars across the wall and throw forth a continuous filigree effect on the table. Joined by the vintage glasses, copper utensils, and a floral blend of Eucalyptus, Ranunculus, Tulips, and Anemones, lovingly arranged by Fiona of FlowerUp.

A particularly creative detail to the mix, are the oyster shells, which are used as salt and pepper dishes.

Equally as telling is the calligraphy, that looks like a red thread going through the entire stationary, is also found in a quote from Pablo Neruda, on the artistically designed wedding cake, thus completing their circle.

We can proudly say, that this gifted Austrian team is a genuine work of art, conceived by inspiration, beauty and style.

It´s simply heavenly to go on expedition with the impressive photos shot by the picture-poets Pia Clodi from peaches & mint and to dive into a fascinating wedding-world.

Translation: Heather Treven


urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0001urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0003urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0002urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0004urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0005urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0006urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0010urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0009urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0008urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0011urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0013urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0012urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0014urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0015urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0017urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0016urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0020urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0018urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0019urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0025urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0022urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0023urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0024urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0026urban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0026aurban loft wedding inspiration vienna 0028


PHOTOGRAPHY: peaches & mint by Pia Clodi
CONCEPT, STYLING & DESIGN: Lovely Weddings by Viktoria Antal
FLORIST: FlowerUp by Fiona Seidl
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Your Choice Styling + Events
WEDDING CAKE DESIGN: Andrea Kargl – Das Tortenstudio
SHOES: Jimmy Choo via Steffel 6th Floor
PROPS RENTAL: Lovely Weddings
LOCATION: WUK Werkstätten Vienna
MODEL: Marketa von PH-Models