Fabio and Patricia – Deep Feelings in Portugal by Laboda Wedding Photography

Fabio and Patricia – Deep Feelings in Portugal by Laboda Wedding Photography

Fabio and Patricia – deep feelings in Portugal


Tender gestures, intense kisses and loving looks – Fabio and Patricia show us the meaning of big love and deep feelings. Laboda Wedding Photography captured all of them to share them with us…

Love was written in their faces during their styled shoot at the Nossa Senhora do Cabo church in Portugal where they enjoyed some valuable moments of togetherness.

It´s like an invisible band that makes this cute couple inseparable and became visible on the pictures of Dennis and Ulli of Laboda Wedding Photography.

As if their souls were talking quietly and their hearts agreed upon the same beat. Without any words they walk the same path.

He holds her tight, won´t let her go. His lips don´t want to leave hers, his eyes don´t want to look somewhere else but into hers…

What a beautiful place, what a gorgeous couple! Casual yet stylish Fabio and Patricia cherished their feelings near Lisbon and experienced unforgettable moments together.

Discreetly Laboda Wedding Photography took the backseat to come back home with these authentic and loving pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Laboda Wedding Photography
BRAUTKLEID: Emanuel Hendrik 
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Andrea England
ANZUG: The Bloke
LOCATION: Nossa Senhora do Cabo Church – Portugal



Portuguese Beach Romantic by Laboda Wedding

Portuguese Beach Romantic by Laboda Wedding

Portuguese beach romantic 


There comes a day in every woman´s life that´s all about her. About her dress, her jewelry and accessory, about her luck, her love and her future.

It´s her gleaming eyes trying to outshine the sun, it´s her blessed smile touting with nature for attention, it´s her dark hair competing with the passion of the waves.

Craggy rocks succumb her girly charm, the ocean´s strong current appears almost shy to her feet. Even the fine sand can never be as soft as her skin, even the sea won´t be able to float like her dress…

With a few yet sensational details like the opulent bridal bouquet and the gorgeously floral jewelry, an adorable bride and a feathery robe by Victoria Rüsche the team made amazing visions alive which the wedding photographers Dennis and Ulrike of Laboda Wedding turned into expressive portraits of a bride.




FOTOGRAFIE: Laboda Wedding
KLEID: Victoria Rüsche
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Andrea England









       Victoria Rüsche 

Corinna and Sebastian – Romantic Barn Wedding from Laboda Wedding Photography

Corinna and Sebastian – Romantic Barn Wedding from Laboda Wedding Photography


Corinna and Sebastian – Romantic BARN Wedding


Even if the make-up´s perfect and the hair is beautifully pinned-up a woman becomes a bride the moment she steps into her wedding dress.

While Corinna´s artful transformation was in the making there´s an easygoing mood in the garden.

Light pink and tender shades of brown guide the day, every now and then we cross some royal blue and rustic gold.

A lovingly created DIY country house wedding awaited the estate of Eggershof in Soltau recently. With its down-to-earth timber-framed barn and the spacious property among the Lueneburg Heath it was the perfect location for the detailed wedding of Corinna and Sebastian.

The couple invested lots of passion and creativity the past few months to organize and design this special day. With the help of their dedicated friends and families they designed, crafted and gathered to turn their wedding into an unforgettable event.

The day´s highlight was Corinna in her dreamlike dress of  Rosa Clara which underlined her silhouette playfully and accentuated her femininity in an elegant way.

But also the gorgeous little rural church, the noble vintage car, the magnificent flowers and the countless costly prepared details let their guest´s eyes sparkle.

The photographers Dennis and Ulli of Laboda Wedding Photography joined Corinna and Sebastian throughout the day and show us now their most beautiful pictures here…

Text: Marina Jenewein


corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0001 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0002 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0003 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0004 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0004a corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0005 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0007 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0008 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0009 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0010 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0012 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0013 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0014 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0015 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0016 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0017 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0017a corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0018 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0019 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0020 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0021 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0021a corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0022 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0024 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0025 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0026 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0027 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0028 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0029 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0031 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0033 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0034 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0036 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0037 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0037a corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0038 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0039 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0039a corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0040 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0041 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0042 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0043 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0044 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0045 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0046 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0047 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0048 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0049 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0050 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0051 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0052 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0053 corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0054corinna-sebastian-elegante-scheunenhochzeit_0055



















FOTOGRAFIE: Laboda Wedding Photography
LOCATION + CATERING: Eggershof in Soltau
KLEID: Rosa Clara Modell Oboe aus der Kollektion Two by Rosa Clara
SCHMUCK: Poetry Jewelry
ANZUG: Jo Freyherr Maßkonfektion
FLORIST: Blumen Dekoration – Markus Krieger
PAPETERIE: Layouts für die schönsten Momente im Leben
LOGO: Simona Tresp
SONSTIGE DESIGNS (Astmotiv): e.m.papers und DIY










Laboda Photography

Wedding Lavender Shoot by Laboda Wedding Photography

Wedding Lavender Shoot by Laboda Wedding Photography

The Smell Of Lavender


A familiar scent reaches our nostrils, fills the warm summer´s breeze. Purple ears are the reason why everything smells like lavender.

Like a purple thread his blossoms run through the day, keep returning on prominent places.

Loves lending his color to other things, bathes dresses, roses and desserts in shades of him.

The french atmosphere resemble a tastefully ocean of lavender of which we can only assume how wonderful it must have tasted.

As boutonniere on the groom´s jacket or on the bride´s shoes, as stylish element of the table decoration or as beautiful part of the stationery – the two couldn´t imagine their wedding without the famous violet plant.

Wedding Planner Kerstin Voigt of  Pink Peanut wrapped Gut Hohenholz into an invisible veil of blue and purple and combined them with white highlights.

We especially love her gorgeous sweet table including the breathtaking naked cake and lavender-colored macaroons. Delicious, isn´t it?

Dive with us into the fascinating world of pictures shot by the photographers Dennis and Ulrike of Laboda Wedding Photography and get inspired and carried away.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

wedding-lavender-shoot_0001 wedding-lavender-shoot_0002 wedding-lavender-shoot_0003wedding-lavender-shoot_0040 wedding-lavender-shoot_0004 wedding-lavender-shoot_0005 wedding-lavender-shoot_0006 wedding-lavender-shoot_0007 wedding-lavender-shoot_0008 wedding-lavender-shoot_0009 wedding-lavender-shoot_0010 wedding-lavender-shoot_0011 wedding-lavender-shoot_0012wedding-lavender-shoot_0042 wedding-lavender-shoot_0013 wedding-lavender-shoot_0014 wedding-lavender-shoot_0015 wedding-lavender-shoot_0016 wedding-lavender-shoot_0017 wedding-lavender-shoot_0018 wedding-lavender-shoot_0019 wedding-lavender-shoot_0020 wedding-lavender-shoot_0022 wedding-lavender-shoot_0023 wedding-lavender-shoot_0024 wedding-lavender-shoot_0025 wedding-lavender-shoot_0026 wedding-lavender-shoot_0026a wedding-lavender-shoot_0027 wedding-lavender-shoot_0028 wedding-lavender-shoot_0029 wedding-lavender-shoot_0030 wedding-lavender-shoot_0031 wedding-lavender-shoot_0032wedding-lavender-shoot_0041 wedding-lavender-shoot_0033 wedding-lavender-shoot_0034 wedding-lavender-shoot_0035 wedding-lavender-shoot_0036 wedding-lavender-shoot_0037 wedding-lavender-shoot_0038 wedding-lavender-shoot_0039

FOTOGRAFIE: Laboda Wedding Photography
LOCATION: Gut Hohenholz in Bedburg
FLORISTIK: Christine Wagner – La Culture
PAPETERIE: Annika Kahl – Traufabrik
PATISSERIE: Patisserie Passion
BRAUTMODE: Gi Vero + Amelie von Vever
MAKE-UP + STYLING: Sandra Globke – Brautliebe
BRAUTSCHUHE: :  Jennifer Heikel – Jens Wedding Stuff
SCHMUCK: Tragkultur




  Laboda Photography