Maritime Wedding Inspirations On The Coast Of England by Lucy Davenport

Maritime Wedding Inspirations On The Coast Of England by Lucy Davenport

Maritime Wedding Inspirations On The Coast Of England


It is the love for her homeland and its multi-faceted coastal areas that inspired Emma Hla of Coco Wedding Venues to create these diverse maritime wedding inspirations on the coast of England.

„I’m very much drawn to the rugged coastlines that we’re so fortunate to have in the UK.“ she raves. „Whether it’s the tall swaying grass of the dunes in Sussex, the dramatic cliffs of Dorset or the stretches of sand in Northumberland – I love them all.“

Based on the incredible selection of potential locations, her decision must have been imaginably difficult. And yet, in the end, everything happened so easily, it seems. „So when I discovered Clovelly Village in Devon with it’s own pebble beach and stunning quay vista I knew this would be the perfect place for a sea-inspired shoot.“

And because Clovelly Village has much more to offer, she selected the most spectacular sceneries and beautiful backdrops along with shoot manager Katrina Otter Weddings. „This enchanting village has a timeless quality with its cliffs, gardens, pretty Manor House and cobbled streets.“

A sensual and changeable bride, an overwhelming selection of bridal gowns and the elaborate floral decoration of Wild Spirit finally completed every scene in perfection.

The team has been particularly successful in bringing the maritime details of the sea into the historical manor house and thus into the interior of the country. With the watercolor-like stationery of Calligraphy for Weddings, pearl shimmering shells, an by the underwater world inspired cake, artfully knotted baskets and a variety of blue tones, the lush green and flowering garden became a maritime eye catcher.

With photographer Lucy Davenport, the two creative heads Emma and Katrina got

then another artist into the team, who knew exactly how to catch the countless little details just as well as the great whole on camera. Follow us now to see the incredible result!

Translation: Marina Jenewein



Photography – Lucy Davenport Photography
Creative Director – Emma Hla, Coco Wedding Venues
Shoot Manager – Katrina Otter, Katrina Otter Weddings
Creative Consultancy – Coco & Kat
Venue – Clovelly Village North Devon
Videography – Roost Film Co.
Florist – Wild Spirit
Hair/MUA – Jo Adams {The Hair & Makeup Atelier}
Bridal Boutique – Perfect Day Bride (Anna Campbell)
Bridal Boutique – Flossy & Willow (Willow by by Watters)
Bridal Boutique – Coco & Kate (Jenny Yoo Collection)
Jewellery – Sarah Brown Jewellery
Bridesmaid Headpiece – Feather & Coal
Bespoke Veils – Britten
Shoes – Emmy London
Stationery – Calligraphy for Weddings
Lifestyle Pieces – Prezola
Cake Table – Kate Burt Cakes
Furniture – Virgina’s Vintage Style Hire
Cutlery – Helene Millot
Tableware (plates & glasses) – Duchess & Butler
Bespoke Ribbons & Runner – Kate Cullen
Oyster Candles – Oyster Candle Co.
Model Agency – Sam at SKIN London



Glitter Inspired Bridal Shoot by Lucy Davenport Photography

Glitter Inspired Bridal Shoot by Lucy Davenport Photography



Her eyes are shining, her jewelry sparkles and her robes shimmer – as a complete artwork details unite within the twinkle of a bride.

Her styling mirrors extravagance, opulence and wealth from head to toe. Nothing on her shouts tradition, everything strives against the stream.

Her dress´s outlandishness finds its peak within the bride´s floral hair jewelry. Wildly appearing and lavishly created it touts for the observer´s attention with her gowns.

This shoot was inspired by glitter.“ photographer Lucy Davenport told us and added: „We wanted to mix an editorial look with a wearable wedding look and created varying results. We echo the wearable looks through make up and the addition of the new age floral headpieces.“

Florist Juliet Glaves designed breathtaking pieces of art and literally crowned the already stunning dresses by Amanda WakeleyHalfpenny London and Gibson Bespoke.

With photographer Lucy Davenport another talented artist joined the team at the set who captured these artful bridal inspirations skillfully.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Lucy Davenport
FLORALS: Juliet Glaves
DRESSES: Amanda Wakeley und Halfpenny London
CAPE: Gibson Bespoke
HAIR: Lovehair
MAKE-UP: Louise Seymour
JEWELLERY: Cotton & Gems
SHOES: Charlotte Mills
LOCATION: Sunset Studio
MODEL: Jenny by Profile-Model


Culinary Fireworks of Wedding Inspiration by Lucy Davenport

Culinary Fireworks of Wedding Inspiration by Lucy Davenport

Culinary Fireworks of Inspiration


Lush berry-tones and bright yellow unite with splendid jewelry and sparkling gold, to colorfully face the winter´s white glory. While purest white and tender rosé with ancient silver and subtle treasures give serenity to the spring´s vivid colors.

One location, two shootings, countless inspirations – we owe this fireworks of creative ideas to the unmistakable photographer Lucy Davenport and the peerless food artists Sharon and Eric Day of Indulgence Catering.

„The idea of this shoot came about from a collaboration between myself and Indulgence, a boutique catering company I work with often at weddings. We created a stunning, seasonal inspired shoot in the Orangery of Aynhoe Park.“ photographer Lucy Davenport told us.

With the florist of Sarah Harper Flowers on their side they created pompous and detailed wedding decorations for all four seasons of the year, as Lucy explained: „We had 2 styled tables – one for Spring/Summer and the other for Autumn/Winter. Autumn/Winter was about incorporating textures and mood with a depth of colors. In contrast, Spring/Summer was created using a feminine, delicate elegance with a pastel palette.“

Sharon and Eric Day of Indulgence Catering created eatable artworks to both themes that fit in seamlessly with the respective setting. This is how the team rounded out a overall image – captured by photographer Lucy Davenport – that invites to snack on, linger and most of all marry! Doesn´t it?

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0013 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0014 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0015 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0016 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0017 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0018 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0019 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0020 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0021 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0022 hochzeitsinspirationen-kulinarik-catering-sommer_0023


PHOTOGRAPHER: Lucy Davenport
VENUE: Aynhoe Park
CATERING: Indulgence Catering
FLORALS: Sarah Harper Flowers
Crockery: Classic Crockery
RIBBONS: Kate Cullen
DRESSES: Ellie Sanderson
USING DESIGNERS: Halfpenny LondonJenny Packham & Claire Pettibone
MAKE-UP: Harriet Franklin
HAIR STYLIST: Liam Sharkey
CAKE: Curtis & Co.
STATIONERY: Oyster & Pearl
HAIR PIECES: All Things Lucy
SHOES: Harriet Wilde
JEWELRY: Cotton & Gems
SPOONS: Hope In The Woods
MODEL: Rosalie from Gingersnap