Bohemian meets Glamour


Shimmering glamour and wild hippie romance wait under swaying tree tops and listen to the monotone melody of nature. Only a precious bridal dress by Tian van Tastique with gleaming details and finest lace shimmers through the forest glade at the river. This is where opposites attract to create a completely new love story.

The love story of a Bohemian wedding celebrating elegant romance among dense woods. And love. Bohemian meets glamour expressively captured on camera by Ramona Reckziegel Photography.

Nostalgic white lace, lush moss, old wood and fairytale like landscapes serve as rustic backdrop for gorgeous jewelry, a softly falling gown and the creative hair style with braided details by Melanie Huber.

Bringing back elegant charm to the natural ground of mother earth and inviting us to this special forest-fling. This is where we want to pause. Golden accents shimmer between brown, beige, crème and taupe while the altar blends into its natural surroundings.

Just like the sweet table luring us with sparkling donuts, cupcakes and brown macaroons by Cake & Confetti Weddings. For the artful note fanciful stationery, ranging from invitation cards and little signs to present tags by Papierträumchen, tells of rustic elegance.

And whoever was part of this wildly romantic and glamorous “best day ever” may have left one’s fingerprint on the Bohemian wedding tree.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Ramona Reckziegel Photography
TORTE, SWEET TABLE + KONZEPT: Cake & Confetti Weddings / Julia & Tiziana
BRAUTKLEID: Tian van Tastique / Christian Ponath 
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Melanie Huber make-up Artist
FLORISTIK: Astwerk Floristik / Marion Kreileder
PAPETERIE: Papierträumchen – Festpapeterie / Bettina Geretschläger
RINGKISSEN: Die Brautträumerei Leipzig / Teresa Träumer  
SCHMUCK: meitherese / Martina Miller
SIRUP: Siroperia / Martina Bosshard
WEDDING TREE: Tree of Love / Mina Weiss
BRAUTTASCHERLN: Andrea Hamer -Taschenmanufaktur und Brauttascherl / Dagmar Sassadeck
MODELS: Adrian Schäffner / Laura Anna Bond